Dear guests,
Please note that the hotel swimming pool is closed until further notice..

During a stay in the Autos Hotel, you may use our miniSPA, which is an ideal way to relax at the beginning of the stay. It includes a swimming pool, sauna and gym. For those who prefer active leisure, we recommend using our swimming pool equipped with the artificial wave feature. In the swimming pool, you may either swim or enjoy underwater massage.

Having got out of the swimming pool, you may relax in the sauna, which have very beneficial influence on our health and beauty. Systematic use of this long-known form of regeneration strengthens our immune, circulatory, and respiratory system.

However, if you prefer more active leisure, our mini gym will surely be right for you, as it is equipped with a modern treadmill, which allows you to train no matter what weather or season, exercise bicycle, stepper, and a strength training machine.

The hotel miniSPA is open every day from 7:00am to 10:00pm. MiniSPA is available for hotel Guests for free. For external customers - PLN 20.

If you are a lover of bike tours or hiking trips, we recommend that you spend some time in the fresh air. You can rent sports equipment, such as fully-equipped bicycles both for children and for adults, as well as Nordic Walking poles. Both ways of active leisure will allow you to discover the beauty of the nearby Bydgoszcz Forest. Stay in our hotel is supposed to improve your health and offer a pleasant way of spending your free time at the same time.

You may also have some fun in our club room with a billiard table and a table tennis table at a request.

Sports equipment rental
Bike tours and Nordic Walking are good ways of spending your free time.

The location of the town of Solec Kujawski within the protected area of Lower Vistula Valley and near the Bydgoszcz Forest makes it an ideal place for active leisure in the bosom of nature.

There are many interesting tourist routes in the picturesque region surrounding the Autos Hotel and Restaurant:

In order to make it easier for you to discover our beautiful region, we offer the rental of touring bikes manufactured by Kross equipped with safety accessories and Nordic Walking poles manufactured by Forclaz.

Our offer includes:

  • 2 men's bicycles with optional child seat
  • 2 women's bicycles with optional child seat
  • 2 children's bicycles
  • 1 bicycle trailer for children (two seats; maximum load: 40 kg)
  • 8 Nordic Walking pole sets

Only Hotel Guests may rent the above equipment. Further information with regard to renting the sports equipment can be obtained in the Reception.

Bicycle with equipment for 1 h PLN 10
Bicycle with equipment for 1 day PLN 30
Each next day PLN 25
Seven days or more / per 1 day PLN 20
Set of Nordic Walking poles for 1 h PLN 5
Set of Nordic Walking poles for 1 day PLN 20
Each next day PLN 15
Seven days or more / per 1 day PLN 10
As a standard, a bicycle for adults is equipped with:

helmet, reflective vest in various sizes, panniers, lights, bicycle lock, pump, and bottle holder

As a standard, a children's bicycle is equipped with:

helmet and reflective vest in various sizes

Fee for renting the equipment is added to the hotel bill.

Rules of the rental shop are available in Reception and here.

Agreement of the rental shop is available here for information.